Time to Refresh!

Time to Refresh!

A chill is in the air and as we go through our closets and start the dreaded clothing switcheroo we start second guessing whether we still need that article of clothing or put it away or just get rid of it because it’s looking worn.  Then the weather bounces back & forth and all “Seasonal Clothing Etiquette” goes out the window.  Then we remember we live at the beach so anything goes!

Unfortunately not anything goes when it comes to your Marketing Materials.  Fall is also a good time to take an assessment of your image and how you are projecting it.  Are you handing out printed materials that are tattered, ink stained, dog eared or just plain outdated?  No one will notice……..so you think.

Are you that person at the Trade Show giving out loose papers to prospective clients that gets thrown into a bag with everyone else’s loose papers?  Your business card swims to the bottom where it never gets matched up to your materials.  Odds are, after you took all that time to formulate and print out your material, it will never get read.
Now is the time to Refresh & Organize!!

Let us help you with:

  • Custom Presentation Folders – Stand out from your Competition! Your materials will look professionally organized and will get read.  We offer many styles & sizes including folders that house Flash drives, Eco-friendly folders, Legal & CPA folders.  Choose from our wide range of paper stocks. This is a great way to reach your audience and your business card will stay intact!
  • Custom Binders – Vinyl, Turned Edge, Poly and Paper Board are excellent & economical for Hotel Directories, Resort Attraction Packages, Training manuals, Wellness Manuals, Manufacturers, Distributors & Builders. Enhance your brand while organizing your materials.
  • Packaging – Do you offer a product that would be better displayed in a custom box?   Yes, we can help you!  Laminated Litho Boxes, Corrugated, Cardboard, Window boxes and many other styles. Die cut foam interiors add a high end look!  
  • Menu Covers, RubberBand Boards, Clipboards– We offer Custom Menu Covers with many options of materials & customization. Genuine & Faux Leather, Genuine & Faux Cork, Vinyl, Linen, Genuine Wood , Textured Leathers and many other options.  Customization can be printed, debossed, foil stamped & etched.

Let us show you how easy it is to enhance your image.

  • Rack Cards, Flyers & Business Cards – We offer many different styles. Keep them fresh and updated with new products & services you provide. List all links for your social media sites. Increase your visibility and get noticed!
  • Design Services- Yes, we can help you! Our secret weapon is our in-house Graphic Designer always willing to help you capture your vision and present creative art ideas.  Whether for a printed product or for our fabulous Apparel & Promotional Products Line, we can help!

It’s competitive out there.  Exude professionalism & let your business shine!


Give Your Restaurant the Edge over Competitors

Give Your Restaurant the Edge over Competitors

Creating a brand image that encompasses everything from uniforms to menus is an essential piece in marketing your restaurant. You want your wait staff to look clean cut and professional while still being comfortable. One of the recent trends in outfitting staff is a wicking material that looks fresh even after a long shift behind the bar.


If you love the Under Armour look but not the price point, there are other options that we highly recommend that utilize PosiCharge technology for breathability and cooling as well as a wrinkle-resistant finish. The garments come in a variety of colors, from classic black and navy to brights like lime green and pink.


Customization is also a key element in bringing your brand to life. Embroidering or screen printing your logo on uniforms will help staff be easily recognizable, and may help increase retail sales if customers see a garment worn by a staff member that they like.


Menus also add to the atmosphere of a restaurant. We offer a variety of menu backings, a-frame table tents, wine list covers and more that can be personalized with your establishment’s logo.


Want to really amp up your retail game? We can do glassware, decals, hats, sunglasses, beach towels and many more promotional items to increase brand visibility.


Need help getting started with creating a branding package for your restaurant? Contact the marketing professionals at New Wave in Ocean City, Maryland. We know the printing and promotional business, and we’ve worked with many restaurants. Find out more by calling us at 410-213-WAVE (9283) or visit us online at www.ocnewwave.com.

Best Ways To Market Your Charter Business

        Whether you are a lifelong waterman or new to the charter industry, you already have the essentials of your fishing business in place: a Captain, a boat and a slip at a local marina. As you look up and down the dock, you ask yourself why people would want to fish with you versus the 12 other boats lined up next to yours. What will give you the edge over the competitors? Good marketing tactics and a great brand image! Here are a few tips to get you started with marketing your charter business:

1: Logo Design

      Your logo is what defines your brand and creates the image that you present to the public. Do you focus on one type of fishing or do you catch anything and everything? Is there a certain color that you prefer or a certain style of typeface? All of these items can be integrated into a great logo that represents everything you stand for.

2: Print Materials

      Every business needs to advertise, and one of the easiest ways to do so is to hand out professional business cards and rack cards that tell potential customers exactly what you offer. UV-coated rack cards can be placed in a holder on the dock near the transom of your boat, so even if you’re not there to answer questions, potential customers can easily grab your literature to learn more about your charter business. A sign with your contact information placed on the fighting chair is also a great way to promote your business even when you’re not on site.

3: Promotional Items

      Walk down the docks and you’re guaranteed to see every Captain and Mate decked out in a boat t-shirt. Your logo can be turned into a great design and screen-printed on any style of t-shirt you prefer. The screen-printed shirts make great giveaways for charter customers, and whenever they wear your shirt they are promoting your product. It’s also important that you, as the boat owner, Captain and/or Mate, look professional, so a shirt with your boat name embroidered on it makes a great choice for a uniform. Decals, koozies, coasters, hats and other items can also be emblazoned with your logo.

4: Website

      A great website is essential to marketing your business and getting people to put a deposit down on a trip. Take your logo and brand image and have a professional website created that displays catch photos, charter seasons and rates and other pertinent information that will seal the deal. Need help getting started with creating a branding package for your fishing business? Contact the professionals at New Wave in Ocean City, Maryland – the White Marlin Capital of the World! We know the printing and promotional business… and we know fishing! Let us help you build your brand and your business. Find out more by calling us at 410-213-WAVE (9283) or visit us online at www.ocnewwave.com