Creating a brand image that encompasses everything from uniforms to menus is an essential piece in marketing your restaurant. You want your wait staff to look clean cut and professional while still being comfortable. One of the recent trends in outfitting staff is a wicking material that looks fresh even after a long shift behind the bar.


If you love the Under Armour look but not the price point, there are other options that we highly recommend that utilize PosiCharge technology for breathability and cooling as well as a wrinkle-resistant finish. The garments come in a variety of colors, from classic black and navy to brights like lime green and pink.


Customization is also a key element in bringing your brand to life. Embroidering or screen printing your logo on uniforms will help staff be easily recognizable, and may help increase retail sales if customers see a garment worn by a staff member that they like.


Menus also add to the atmosphere of a restaurant. We offer a variety of menu backings, a-frame table tents, wine list covers and more that can be personalized with your establishment’s logo.


Want to really amp up your retail game? We can do glassware, decals, hats, sunglasses, beach towels and many more promotional items to increase brand visibility.


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